Mireille Hildebrandt on the influence of AI and Blockchain on democracy and the rule of law

Friday, August 17 2018, 13:07

DEN HAAG (PDC i) - The arrival of new technologies is no longer a matter of gradual adjustments. Everyday life, the economy and politics are gaining momentum through the use of data-driven systems, which limit the scope of politics and citizens. This also has consequences for the protection of that leeway, whether it concerns freedom of speech, privacy or non-discrimination.

This year (2018), Mireille Hildebrandt, one of the speakers of the Europe Lecture this year, received an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council for her project 'Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law' (CoHuBiCoL). The research focuses on the consequences of two types of 'legal tech', namely artificial intelligence and blockchain. Artificial intelligence promises algorithmic prediction of court judgments, blockchain promises automated implementation of regulations and contracts. One of the many questions is how 'legal tech' will redistribute the risks and opportunities of individual citizens, the large 'tech platforms' and, for example, local authorities.

On Thursday, September 13, Hildebrandt will discuss the influence of automated decision-making on democracy and the rule of law during the Europe Lecture in The Hague. Those who are worried about fake news and micro targeting in politics can now apply.

This year the Europe Lecture is organized in cooperation with the ‘Montesquieu Prinsjeslezing’, under the umbrella of the Prinsjesfestival .