Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on the impact of the Brexit

Tuesday, April 10 2018, 12:30

DEN HAAG (PDC i) - More than a year ago the United Kingdom triggered Article 50, thereby marking the start of two years of Brexit negotiations. Last month the UK and the European Union made decisive steps in the negotiations. Yet, crucial issues remain undecided and it is still uncertain what will be the impact of the Brexit on the UK.

On Tuesday 24 April, this subject will be addressed by The Right Honourable Sir Nick Clegg i. Nick Clegg is the former leader of the Liberal Democrats and served as Deputy Prime Minister from 2010 to 2015. In 2017, he wrote 'How To Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again)'. In this book he explained both why Brexit should be stopped and he proposed an alternative model for relations between Britain and Europe.

The lecture is part of the course Political Science of the University of Leiden. Professor Steunenberg will give an introductory lectury on the influence of the European Union on Dutch politics. After the lecture, there is a Q&A session in which the audience gets the opportunity to ask questions to Nick Clegg.

It is possible to follow the live stream at the 'Spaanse trappen' at the Wijnhaven Building in The Hague. If you are interested in following the live stream at the Spaanse trappen, please send an e-mail to