Europe Lecture speaker Caroline de Gruyter on the integration of asylum seekers

Tuesday, August 22 2017, 15:49

DEN HAAG (PDC i) - According to many, one of the major factors that could lead to a feeling of unity in the European Union i ️is by setting up a more effective integration policy. Caroline de Gruyter i, one of the speakers of this year's Europe Lecture, has written about how bureaucratic inflexibility is a big obstacle to the integration of asylum seekers. She argues that refugees integrate faster by training and employing them, rather than not allowing them to work and thereby excluding them from society.

On Friday 15 September, these and other similar subjects will be discussed at the Europe Lecture in The Hague. This year one of the questions is what the European Union and its member states can do to create a greater sense of unity, despite different ideas about culture and values. After all, the motto of the EU is 'United in Diversity'.

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You can read De Gruyter's full article here: