Western experts consider Irina Bokova among most suitable candidates for UN Chief

Monday, May 30 2016, 14:00

DEN HAAG (PDC i) -Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, is keynote speaker at the Europe Lecture. Ms. Bokova is also an official candidate for the post of Secretary General at the United Nations.

During a discussion held at the British Parliament last week, Western experts considered Irina Bokova among the most suitable candidates to succeed Ban Kimoon at the United Nations. The discussion was titled 'United Nations Secretary-General Selection: The Role of the Secretary-General in Russia vs West', with speaks from, inter alia, the Russia Foundation and London Bureau of the New York Times. The participants examined the eight candidates and their hearings in the UN General Assembly in April. 

At the Europe Lecture, Ms. Bokova will share her views on the many threats to cultural heritage in times of conflict. What are the strategies and actions to respond to cultural cleansing, deliberate destruction of culture and illicit trafficking of cultural property, which is linked to the financing of terrorism?  

Do not miss the unique opportunity of seeing Ms. Bokova. Tickets are now available. 

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