Sada Mire eminent respondent at the Europe Lecture

Wednesday, May 4 2016, 17:40

DEN HAAG (PDC i) - At the 2016 Europa LectureSada Mire, archaeologist and researcher at Leiden University, will be eminent respondent to the lecture of Irina Bokova. Mire is an experienced archaelogist, especially for the area of Somaliland. Here, she and her team discovered prehistoric rock at nearly hunderd sites. At least 10 of these are likely to receive World Heritage status. At the Europe Lecture, Mire will emphasize the importance of the the preservation of cultural heritage.

Mire specialises in archaeological and anthropological theory and practice and cultural heritage studies, with a focus on pre-Christian and pre-Islamic cultures in the Horn of Africa. She has led several archeological expeditions in Somaliland. On various occassions, Mire has expressed the hope her discoveries will promote a sense of pride in Somali cultural heritage and, in a broader sense, highlight the importance of attaining and maintaining knowledge of the past for individuals and regions alike.

Mire fled from Somalia at the age of fourteen, seeking asylum in Sweden. She later moved to the UK to finish her studies and started working on her doctorate. She has since returned to the Horn of Africa as an archaeologist and researcher and took up a position in the Somiland Department for Tourism and Archeology before moving to Leiden University.