Will Ban Ki-moon's successor be a woman from Eastern Europa?

Tuesday, April 12 2016, 17:58

DEN HAAG (PDC i) - Ms Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, is an official candidate to succeed Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General of the UN. There eight candidates for the top spot in New York now. How will the selection proceed?

The process is different from when Ban Ki-moon was elected in 2006, when the five permanent members of the UN Secretary Council made a non-transparent recommendation to the General Assembly. Now, the process is open and clear; the candidates introduce themselves on a website and there will be public hearings.   

Although it is not set in stone: there is a substantial possibility the next Secretary-General comes from Eastern Europa. There has not yet been a chief executive of the UN from this region, so it seems to be their turn. From the eight contenders, six candidates are from countries in the eastern part of Europe: Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Moldavia. The other two candidates are from Portugal and New Zealand. In addition, four of the candidates are female. Until now, only men have been UN's Secretary-General.

All candidates present themselves publicly to the world between 12-14 April, during meetings in New York where each candidate gives an introduction of 10 minutes. Then he/she answers questions from ambassadors, businessman, and representative NGO's. Each meeting lasts two hours. Later this year, there will be thematic debates where the candidates participate. 

The successor of Ban Ki-moon will be announced in autumn. Given the list of candidates, there is a high probability it will be a woman from Eastern Europe. The successor will usually be appointed for a term of five years, with often an extension of five years. 

Source: NOS (in Dutch)