G. (Gerhard) Aigner

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Gerhard Aigner is a retired football executive. Aigner was general secretary and later chief executive of the European football association UEFA from 1989 to 2003. Prior to his appointment Gerhard Aigner had worked at UEFA for nearly two decades. Before his career at UEFA Gerhard Aigner played soccer at a fairly high level. As of late 2013 he continues to be involved with sport.

In his tenure as UEFA president he clashed with the the world football federation FIFA as well as with the European clubs.


Personal Data

Date of birth

September 1st, 1943

Place of birth

Regensburg, Germany



  • soccer player, VfB Regensburg, 1957 to 1964
  • referee, 1963 to 1966
  • soccer player, FC Moutier, 1968 to 1969
  • assistant of the general secretary of UEFA, 1970 to 1989
  • general secretary of UEFA (renamed chief executive in 2000), 1989 to 2003


Selected additional functions

  • chair of the board Euro-Sportring, since 2006
  • honorary member of UEFA
  • honorary member of the Belgian royal football association (KBVB)


Selected achievements

  • recognised as one of the driving forces intent on saving the system of transfer fees after EU legislation and the freedom of movement (the 'Bosman' decision)
  • has struggled to keep the larger clubs inside UEFA