Europe Lecture - United in Diversity?

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The motto of the European Union is 'United in Diversity', but some Europeans feel anything but united. Take for instance the Brexit vote; millions of Britons used the referendum to voice their discontent with the EU. And while Europe is a prosperous continent, right-radical and populist parties manage to gain many votes. In the Netherlands, but also in EU member states such as France and Germany.

Do the EU and its member states fail to create a harmonious society for all its citizens? Is diversity perhaps not such a binding factor?

European integration is now far-reaching, but does a European identity even exist? Or does such an identity clash with national sentiments? How do the EU and its member states create brotherhood, despite different ideas about norms and values?

Caroline de Gruyter i, specialist on European affairs and correspondent at the Dutch newspaper NRC, and professor European Studies Paul Scheffer i present their visions on this subject during the Europe Lecture, organised in cooperation with the Montesquieu-Prinsjeslezing. The lecture will be moderated by Caspar van den Berg, associated with the University of Leiden.


Practical information

Date: Friday 15 September, 13:30 - 15:00 p.m.

Location: Sociëteit De Witte, Plein 24 in The Hague

Language: English



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Doors open

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Opening lecture

13:35 uur

Lecture Paul Scheffer

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Lecture Caroline de Gruyter

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Q&A session

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Caroline de Gruyter

Caroline de Gruyter is Europe correspondent for the leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. Between 2008 and 2013 she has lived and worked in Brussels, covering the euro crisis and European politics. In June 2013 she was awarded the prestigious Anne Vondeling Prize for political reporting. Her voice and expertise about Europe are well-known in the Netherlands.

Paul Scheffer
Bron: wikimedia/R. van Elst

Paul Scheffer is professor European Studies in Tilburg. Earlier, he occupied the Wibaultleerstoel of metropolitan issues in Amsterdam.

He is known as publicist, especially by his article 'The Multicultural Drama' in 2000. Scheffer was a journalist and employee of the research bureau of the Dutch Labour Party.


Background information

This year the Montesquieu-Prinsjeslezing is organised by the Europe Lecture Foundation together with the Montesquieu Institute, under the umbrella of the Prinsjesfestival.

The Prinsjesfestival Foundation organises a yearly recurring event in celebration of democracy, in cooperation with a great amount of other organisations. The festival is held in the same week of Prince's Day and offers a programme full of festive and informative activities. Each year has a specific theme. The theme of 2017 is 'Time to find each other; polarisation - pacification 1917-2017'. The year 2017 is the 100-year celebration of pacification: the end of the decades long struggle over suffrage and the 'Schoolstrijd' in the 20th century.

The Europe Lecture Foundation regularly organises a lecture about the meaning of Europe from a socio-economic, political or cultural perspective. In 1993, Jacques Attali kicked off the first Europe Lecture. From that point onwards, many inspiring speakers have maintained that tradition.