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In 2016, the Europe Lecture will be by held by Director-General of UNESCO Ms. Irina Bokova. Sada Mire, an archaeologist and researcher, and the President of the International Criminal Court Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi will be the respondents of the 14th edition of the Europe Lecture. 

The lecture will be moderated by Ms. Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary-General of Europa Nostra. 


Irina Bokova 

Irina Bokova

Ms. Irina Bokova (Bulgaria, 1952) has been the Director-General of UNESCO since 15 November 2009 and was successfully re-elected for a second term in 2013. Ms. Bokova has successfully pushed forward an agenda for further preservation of humanity's cultural heritage. 

In particular, Ms. Bokova and UNESCO have proven to be successful in further criminalising the illegal trade in cultural artifacts and in persecuting those that willfully destroy parts of cultural history. Ms. Bokova is the official candidate for the position of UN Secretary-General, on behalf of Bulgaria, in the upcoming election for the post of 2017.


Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi

Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi

Judge Fernández de Gurmendi is president of the International Criminal Court (ICC) since March 2015, having served as judge at the ICC since 2010. Judge Fernández de Gurmendi is actively pursuing an agenda to streamline procedures at the ICC in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the ICC.


Sada Mire

Sada Mira

Ms Mire is a Swedish archaeologist from Somali. She carried out a comprehensive survey of archaeological sites in Somaliland. Mire is a researcher at Leiden University. 


Moderator: Ms. Quaedvlieg-Mihailović

 Ms. Quaedvlieg-Mihailovi

Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović is the Secretary-General of Europa Nostra, an European non-governmental organisation in the field of cultural and natural heritage. 


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